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To build R & D, production, sales and service integration solutions provider of choice for vacuum equipment, better service to customers, SKY business chain extension, repair and maintenance services to undertake external vacuum products。

A foreign maintenance services:

1. SKY vacuum applications;

2. Other domestic production of vacuum applications;

3. imported vacuum applications.

Second, supplies and spare parts sales product range

1。 The target, oxygen-free copper pad, and other commonly used supplies and consumables;

2. Magnetron target, observation windows, electrode leads, magnetic send samples and vacuum valves and other vacuum components;

Third。 The equipment on-site services

1。 Relocation of equipment;

2. refurbished equipment, renovation, restoration;

3. Sales of used equipment;

SKY with high-quality professional service team, with the most advanced professional machines and equipment, vacuum cleaning line, special surface treatment process, various types of high-precision vacuum device detection equipment。

Adhering to the "market-oriented, technological innovation, people-oriented, bigger and stronger," the cultural ideas, actively seize opportunities for development, progress in the sound, innovation and enterprising, and beyond in innovation, to provide users with professional, timely and thoughtful product repair services, round shape a new image of Chinese enterprises vacuum and sincere welcome new and old customers to negotiate!